Why Doesn’t President Trump Appoint His Own Special Counsel?

 Why Doesn’t President Trump Appoint His Own Special Counsel?
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Why Doesn’t President Trump Appoint His Own Special Counsel?

As the Mueller Probe enters it’s sixteenth month, following a ten month FBI counterintelligence investigation, Congressional committees, outside groups such as Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch and even the DOJ’s own Inspector General’s team have gathered a wealth of information of their own. There is currently more than enough evidence to support the appointment of a second Special Counsel.

The last two years have been akin to watching a polaroid photo develop in very slow motion. And right now, it’s at about the halfway point. If nothing is done, we can expect Mueller’s investigation to grind on for the second half of Trump’s first term, ever reminding American citizens that their president is under suspicion for some nameless, but sinister, act.

The likelihood that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose relationship with President Trump is at an all-time low, would do so is almost nonexistent.

Yes, back in March, Sessions appointed Utah US Attorney John Huber to work with the DOJ’s Inspector General’s team, but the limitations inherent in such a step still fall far short of what are needed to combat what is emerging as the biggest political conspiracy in American history.

And, of course, the DOJ Inspector General’s (IG) team has uncovered and reported a great deal of information. The DOJ IG investigates fraud and, if applicable, can make criminal referrals. But that’s where his or her authority ends. It is still up to our cowardly Attorney General to decide whether or not to charge an individual with a crime.

Jeff Sessions, who was Trump’s earliest supporter in the Senate, has never been known for his boldness. He has become very “protective” of his DOJ colleagues during his tenure as Attorney General, hence, his reluctance (or his denial) to accuse them of wrongdoing.

Consequently, what alternatives does Trump really have? Even if he could arrange for Mueller to be ousted, the backlash would be politically disastrous for him. The same would be true if he fired Jeff Sessions or Rod Rosenstein.

As Mueller continues to investigate ten-year-old claims of tax evasion by Paul Manafort and Trump’s hush money to a porn star for a one-night-stand 12 years ago, the crimes of Trump’s accusers are starting to mount. It was alleged that a Chinese-owned company hacked Hillary’s server and inserted code that sent copies of each email, in real time, to their computer. I wrote a post about that here. We learned from Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch that the FISA Court held no hearings before issuing their warrant to surveil Carter Page. We also heard about the inconsistencies between the testimonies of Bruce Ohr, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson and FBI attorney Lisa Page before Congress here.

But perhaps the most significant takeaways of the week came from the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel’s congressional source.

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