Migrant Army Marches On

Migrant Army Marches On
Migrant Army Marches On

There were several developments regarding the migrant army marching toward our border that the mainstream media are attempting to ignore.
  • There are reports that as many as 14,000 people may be part of the march.
  • Judicial Watch sent reporters to Central America who discovered that among the Honduran marchers are people from Bangladesh. In recent years, Bangladesh has seen a significant increase in Islamic radicalism. Last year, an immigrant from Bangladesh set off a bomb in Times Square.
  • A Fox News reporter who defended the migrants didn’t get the response he was looking for when one of the marchers he interviewed conceded that there are criminals among them.
  • Open borders advocates like Jorge Ramos insist that the marchers are refugees just looking for a better life. Even if Ramos is right, that does not justify open borders. There are so many people around the world looking for a better life that open borders invites a disaster that would overwhelm America. Where is the Left’s compassion for the American taxpayer?
  • Investigative journalist Sara Carter went to Guatemala. She did not see many women. In many cases, she saw a lot of angry men, and reports that she “bumped into a number of young MS-13 gang members.”
  • Vice President Mike Pence said he was told by the president of Honduras that Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro may be financing the migrant marchers.
The Left has weaponized migration. Just as Western Europe was overwhelmed and struggles to assimilate so many migrants, it could happen here. How many waves of Central American marchers must we accept?

Meanwhile, Democrats who once upon a time opposed illegal immigration now have no answers or solutions.

Someone asked me the other day just how closely U.S. officials were monitoring this convoy. Well, let me tell you who is watching very closely: 45 million people in Central America are eagerly watching to see just how easy it is to walk into the United States.

And they see that many powerful American voices, from left-wing politicians and judges to celebrities and media elites, are on their side. These poor people in Central America seem to have more powerful allies in the United States than do the poor taxpayers in the American heartland.

A Word of Warning

To all the progressives in places like Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City, when you go to school or work this week and pass the tent cities that are popping up and as you dodge the needles and human excrement that is all over your streets, perhaps you might want to reconsider the notion of sanctuary cities.

Where do you think these marchers are headed? They are coming to your communities.

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